27 November 2010

Birthday present for u, Sansie :)

'What goes around comes around' keeping this simple law in my mind, i thought of doing a small act of kindness as a birthday present so that the coming year welcomes her with happiness, peace n success :)

Gazing outside the window from eshas family room, i found a few street kids playing in her garden.(somehow i just cnt resist smiling, playing cute lil kids). so in a moment i ran outside the room. There i saw them filling their water bottles from the sprinklers in the garden meant to water the plants. I started talking to them about their schooling, in particular. When asked about their names, two out of three gurls giggled stil filling their bottles n the other answered 'Sunita' with a twinke in her eye.while talking to her i just noticed they needed some more clothes to cover their body properly. I realized i had a bag full of collected clothes in my car.i quickly ran to my car got the bag n distributed them amongst the kiddies. Overwhelmed with joy they ran away saying 'Thank you didi'.I was a lil shocked cos i xpected them to strike a conversation.i went back to the room.In another minute i found a group of kids shouting out loud.chirking kids brought me back to the garden.i just noticed they called their other frens who needed clothes.Luckily i had 2 other bags for kiddies :) after giving away the clothes to kiddies i wished happyness, love n success for my dear friend, Sanskruti :) God bless you lovey!


  1. I have no words to express...thank you so much for being you and taking care of my karma! love you lots and you have inspired me in many ways...and you will see soon what i mean :)

  2. can i expect a blog from you sansie?