08 July 2012

Love Pendants

One beautiful wednesday evening after meditation, a dear friend told me that someone had sent a gift for our shwas kids. With a big broad smile on my face I opened the packet and I found 10 bright coloured clay blocks with a variety of moulds.

Same weekend I brought the clay to school for kids. I shared that some loved one from some corner of world with pure love has sent a gift for us. Kids using all their imagination with love made pendants for an hour. With this activity, kids were so filled up with joy they wanted to spill it over to everyone else who crossed over their path. So they decided that they would gift these pendants to the volunteers who taught them, to the sponsors who supported their education and tag random people anonymously to make their day.

This made me wonder how a small loving act can send out countless ripples circling on and on, spreading endlessly. We are grateful to Chenee for dropping this love pebble in our lake and remind us that love is real and love is our nature.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, beautiful creations crafted by the kids. And how lovely that they shared them with others in pure joy!