02 July 2012

Praveen's wish and universal conspiracy!

This year onwards, kinjal and other volunteers were keen to admit some of our bright kids studying in municipal schools to private schools. Kinjal, is one really inspiring person i have known.Her dedication encourages me to never give up. She gave tutions to the kids during vacations, managed funds and admitted them to the school they longed to study in!

This weekend during the circle of sharing when we asked the kids about their experience at school, they  were excited to be in new school.Bhavesh who never was interested in studies seriously did his work ,payal and shilpa came up with difficulties they had in studies. Their sincerity made us happy.

One of our new students, Praveen ,His hardwork and perseverance during classroom building moved me. During circle of  sharing I asked him if he wished to study further and in a better school. He had a smile on his face but was not sure and he dint want to say since we havent developed a rapport with him yet. Ramesh his friend who  is our old student immediately rubbed his back and said ofcourse didi he will. Praveen noded his  head. I was nt sure if we had enough funds. I went home and discussed with mom. My mom said if nothing works i will pay his school fees. Another day to my surprise a friend gives me acall that his father wanted to meet our kids. Uncle with all humility donated us 500dollars which  is his school fees for almost next 10 years :)

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